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ed demarco who would be out and put someone in who would be more sympathetic to obama's housing policies. with europe, i think the best thing that the president could do is put some pressure on the international monetary fund to write down or write off or suspend interest charges on greek borrowing. if we can help greece solve its problems, we can start a domino effect of positive things in europe. pete: do you agree that there's a lot the president can do to improve the economy? >> i think there are some things and jim knows much better than i do. there's also a feeling in the white house that they have put the building blocks in place and can they get past this fiscal cliff moment? we're on a track to a better four years anyway. when you heard during the campaign mitt romney promise 12 million new jobs, you heard obama say we're going to have 12 million new jobs anyway these next four years, just based on where we are right now. without even additional stimulus or additional x factors that would goose the economy. pete: we always talk about new cabinet secretaries. would it ch
years under an obama presidency given that the house composition be more or less the same. >> almost certainly going to be similar. >> how will things be different? uniformly they're answer, in other words, this is a talking point was that the fever will break. that the american people, if they vote for president obama for another four years will basically be voting against obstructionism. the republicans will get the message and they will walk, you know, i'll be it in a consultative fashion toward the center. >> to you by that? i can see that happening and all >> no. as the talking point in a sticking with it, but -- >> are you any more optimistic. as a romney were to win as opposed to the president reelected, some dealers waiting for him after he gets into office. >> no. no, i'm not. and, you know, i wrote a story for the new york times magazine when governor romney, specifically on his time as governor that appeared about three weeks ago. and, you know, the way the piece includes is by -- i interviewed a number of people, particularly the more conservative house republicans. there
nonsense? >> big brother is watching you, big brother is watching you through the obama white house, through the department of health and human services and transmit that to the job and also to your employer. i don't like it. i don't want big brother watching me and telling me how much to eat or when to walk or whether or not to smoke, i like to live my own life, and i'm a grownup. i had my mother telling me what to to eat when i'm a child, i'm done with that, i don't want mr. obama to be my mother. >> and i listen to my mommy and calls me and tells me to eat more veggies i will, but i draw the line there. julian, i think it's part of that social utopia coming out of washington these days, not only ultimately expensive, but takes away from personal liberties. it's one thing to try to pick winners and losers in the economy, but to decide on personal behavior just seems wrong in america. >> well, we incentivize behavior we think is good and disinvent advise. >> who is we? >> who is we? >> the government, the government constantly. so, the point here is i think price waterhouse cooper
the house. obama's plan to keep the taxes low bush tax cuts and obama tax cuts. to keep it low. i think it should be agreed to right along the wape discuss whether or not the millionaires should pay the clin ribiton tax rates. millionaires themselves n and polls show they need to pay more taxes and percent of the americans believe they need more taxes and lowest tax necessary 80 years and we have a high deficit. they can afford to pay more. >> the fact is, many republicans are saying okay. we want to talk about taxes. let's also take a look at entitlements and speppeding cuts and so far, the white house hasn't put forward anything on paper that they are willing to discuss. >> that is one of the hardcore issues here. there is an idea coming from the democrats we are going to raise taxs and off set it by raising taxings. we have a staggering economy and unemployment and we'll hit 50 million americans on food stamps and no end for that number to constantly grow even as unemployment rates went down. we are adding to people on food stamps which doesn't make sense. how do youriform these thin
might expect in four years of a second term for barack obama. where he reelected, obama in all probability would face the daunting challenge of working with republican majorities in house and possibly in the senate. what lessons might obama learn from history were he reelected? confronted with a congress dominated by republicans, further complicating this challenge is apparent disappearance of the spirit of compromise which has been a mainstay of legislation throughout the nation's history with one very momentous exception. members of congress in the south would not compromise on the subject of the expansion of slavery. 11 states seceded and the civil war ensued. we heard much about the impending battle between the president and congress over the extension of the george bush tax cuts, raging the debt limit and potential of automatic cuts in spending. necessity of resolving these issues is what ben bernanke refers to as a fiscal cliff. it is likely these critical decisions will be given brief extensions so that the next president and congress will be saddled with making the deci
of negotiations between the obama administration and congress, particularly the republican controlled house. as i watched the president during his recent press conference and listened to leaders of the house, i think everybody agrees it would be highly desirable to reach a compromise. they also agree the elections provided a mandate. the president seems to think that he is the one who got the mandate and that republicans are saying, well, yes, mr. president, but me, too. and how do you reconcile two mandates and reach an agreement? what are the consequences of failing to do so? this is one of the most important issues facing the administration, the congress, and the nation. mr. norquist. >> several months ago i said there are two options for after the election. after the election, if romney was elected, he would have republican senate to go along with the house. they would pass the ryan plan, taking corporate and individual taxes to a 25% top rate, and having a territorial tax system rather than a worldwide tax system. on the spending side, do the ryan plan -- have entitlement reform, the means t
obama. after watching her every move, whether it was planting the white house garden or teaching us how to dougy. we have all become well-versed in the michelle obama of first ladyhood. it didn't follow the hillary clinton model putting her ivy league degrees behind promoting policy or the traditional model of first ladies who, let's face it, have tended not to move around so much. michelle obama has carved out a unique way of being first lady, simply being herself. remember her official white house photo. what you might most recall about it are, two things unlike any portrait of any first lady before and after. her left and right arms. welcome to the gun show. you will see something more remarkable. right there in the room with her looking out over her well-toned left shoulder is president obama thomas jefferson. by picking this back drop, the first lady also brought into the room another part of white house history where women like her were treated like property instead of people. there she stands on the other end of that timeline, a living rebuke to that history, her body, her person
small businesses. happy thanksgiving. >> gregg: president obama and house speaker john beern is set to meet again to try to, boehner to s try to avoid spending cuts. how close are they to striking a deal. >> heather: a live look at tahrir square a day after morsi granted himself near absolute power that led to this. [ speaking arabic ] now we need a little bit more... [ male announcer ] at humana, we understand the value of quality time and personal attention. which is why we are proud to partner with health care professionals who understand the difference that quality time with our members can make... that's a very nice cake! ohh! [ giggles ] [ male announcer ] humana thanks the physicians, nurses, hospitals, pharmacists and other health professionals who helped us achieve the highest average star rating among national medicare companies... and become the first and only national medicare advantage company to achieve a 5-star rating for a medicare plan... your efforts result in the quality of care and service we're able to provide... which means better health outcomes... and more qu
's about muhammad morsi. critics call morsi egypt's new dictator. this is something the white house is watching closely. >> the obama administration finds itself in an uncomfortable position. it's praised as a peace keeper, a man who's drawn violent protests at home. >>> reporter: the crowd accuses muhammad morsi, the first freely elected president, of making himself a pharoah. tens of thousands of activists poured in to the square, the same place where it toppled his predecessor. this time they want morsi to go. more than half the voters elected him president five months ago. he says the president is setting himself up as a god. morsi decreed that any decisions or laws he makes cannot be appealed, stopped, or overturned until a new constitution is approved next spring. he said his ruling will route out evils who are blocking democratic reform. morsi said it doesn't worry me that i have opponents. i have reserved all rights for my brothers in the opposition so they can even hold a revolution if they must. protesters did ransack and torch the muslim brotherhood officer that supports
with the president this week. >> athena jones, thank you, at the white house. >>> and president obama went christmas shopping today. the president and his daughters shopped at an independent store in virginia. the obamas are participating in the third annual event, the white house bought 15 books. >>> and cyber deals, no longer just for monday. they participated in the deals before black friday. cyber monday is still a key part of the holiday shopping season. spending on cyber monday may reach $1.5 billion this year. so how do you get the best on-line deals if cyber monday is starting earlier? cnn's laurie segall has more. >> reporter: like black friday, or now black thursday, it starts earlier. o on-line deals are available every friday or monday on >> it is so much easier to go on line than it is to go out to the stores. >> reporter: ahead of the holiday season, the social network got into the game, launching facebook gifts. this seems like it is actually taking a big step into e-commerce, right? >> well, we think of gifting as special, so we give it special take place. >> reporter: it
doctor. >> president obama winning another four years in the white house, delivering his victory speech on election night and thanking his family and his supporters. according to the pew research center he could have also thanked the media for his win. the people of pew found media coverage of president obama was more positive at 29% during the last week of campaigning before election day. coverage of mitt romney on the other hand, mostly negative, 33% that same week. so, should this be a big thank you to the media for his reelection? >> no, i mean, i think he would have lost the election because of their get out the vote things as well. >> you're talking about romney. >> that's right, but if you look at the media's coverage and the pew people have said that they thought it was that reporters were paying attention to the polls. well, you know what? reporters unless they're reporting on a poll should not be paying attention to polls he when they write their story and be aware of any unconscious bias. >> jon: somehow, i suspect, jim, you're not surprised by the numbers from pew. >> no i'm
ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ fir to first lady michelle obama, and her daughters maa >>> the white house got its christmas tree today a horse- drawn carriage delivering the 19-foot frazier fur to first lady michelle obama and her daughters. this year's tree is from north carolina. it will go into the blue room of the white house. >>> well, the weather in the bay area this holiday weekend has been positively balmy. >> but in san rafael the kids are sledding and throwing snowballs while mom and dad are in it. shirts and sunglasses. don ford shows us this is part of a long-time holiday tradition and involves tons of snow. >> reporter: we're trying to get this open. steve is opening the latest snow slope in california. it's in downtown san rafael. 40 tons of snow delivered last night by glacier ice company's special snowmaking truck. now sculpted into a sled run hundreds of kids waiting for the noon opening and one lucky kid gets picked from the crowd. >> this is my kid. he gets to go first. >> reporter: maybe luck didn't have anything to do with it. but seconds later the crowd poured
house. good saturday to you, mike. >> good morning, alex. >> let's talk about obama care. is that off the table from the democrats' perspective? >> absolutely. the thing is is that john boehner and the republicans, the last time we went around these negotiations, remember it was june of 2011, on the debt ceiling negotiations, the president and the speaker played golf, and there were all those grand bargain talks behind closed doors. republicans tried to put it on the table back then, and democrats said, absolutely no way. and i think they're going to get a similar response this time. remember, it was just a few weeks ago when john boehner after the election essentially said, there's nothing we can do about obama care. it's going into effect next year. people are going to have to start enrolling, those exchanges are going to have to get up and running. he saw a revolt among his house republicans and republicans across the united states, just for saying it. now john boehner is doing a little backtracking. he wrote in the cincinnati enquirer, his hometown newspaper, the president's healt
at the beginning of obama, and now, not so much. housing is a great place to be because it's cheap. melissa: i have to say i felt better after hearing spencer's ideas. don't you feel better? come on. great vice like that coming from top experts. it's all about looking ahead and knowing what to do with your money. all right. coming up, iran's thumbs its nose at western sanctions. we'll explain how it's using billions of dollars worth of gold to stay financially afloat. plus, what goes up must come down unless your red bull's brand. how fearless felix's record space jump may have revotionized the world of marketing. ♪ melissa: turning to the middle east here on "money," iran is experiencing crippling inflation because of the latest e.u. sanctions, but reports now say that the country is responding by importing substantial amounts of gold. in fact, official turkish trade data shows nearly $2 billion worth of gold was sent to dubai on behalf of iranian buyers in august alone, just in august. this is just on the heels of iran announcing they are invested $100 billion to boost oil and gas production. i
excitement over obama's victory. ahmadinejad accused the election as capitalists. obama wasted no time in showing his continued interest in the region. white house officials announced on thursday the president is expected to attend the east asia summit next week in cambodia. >>> presidential candidates are stepping up their campaigns. the front runner is taking a tough stance on foreign policy and the opposition camps announced a surprise move. park said historical and territorial issues are causing diplomatic conflicts in east asia. she said she'd also be open to dialogue. park said south korea will not tolerate provocations by north korea. that includes nuclear and missile development. they want to open offices in each other's capitals. she said she'd seek to hold talks with north korean leader kim jong-un. she said the senkaku islands are not open to negotiation. japan claims the islands, south korea controls them and calls them tokdo. park showed a willingness to negotiate on the deal. the negotiations have been suspended since 2004. opinion polls show park is leading by more than
, the white house is getting in the christmas spirit. first lady michelle obama and daughters, malia and sasha, received the white house christmas tree on friday, which arrived on a horse-drawn carriage. the 19-foot fir is from a farm in north carolina and will be displayed in the blue room. dan and bianna, they have a head start on me. i'm notorious for putting up a tree on december 23rd. >> better than december 26th. >> it stays up until like march. that's the problem. >> nice to see bo in that shot, too. did you see bo, the dog? >> just like the girls, he's huge. >> he's grown. yes. alex, thank you. >>> well, the smoke is now clearing from the black friday fireworks which started earlier than ever, on thanksgiving night. millions of americans hit the malls in a mad dash to get their hands on hot holiday deals at rock-bottom prices. and abc's john schriffen found himself in the middle of the mayhem and joins us from a kmart in new york city. good morning, john. i saw you tweeted, what a difference a day makes. >> reporter: it is so different here. bianna, good morning. i feel like i can come
live at the white house for us now. jennifer, what are we hearing from the obama administration? nothing from the president or the secretary of state yet. earlier in the week the white house released this photograph of the president on the phone with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu encouraging him to accept a cease-fire with hamas brokered by the egyptian president. today the state department issues this off camera statement about egypt, quote: one of the as aspirations of the revolutions was that power would not be overly concentrated in the hands of any one person or institution it did not mexico president morsey by name or the coo he engineered two days after meeting secretary of state clinton in cairo, jon. >> jon: was a significant move from president morsey, why now? >> essentially because he was elevated during this past week with the cease-fire agreement he was seen to be a peace maker, a power broker by both the u.s. and israel. >> he must feel now with all the international acclaim that he has got a free hand and so within a matter of days he just begins to c
graphic novel. the white house christmas tree has officially arrived at 1600 pennsylvania ave. first lady michelle obama and her two daughters were there to greet it and after being decorated it will go on display in the blue room. that brings today's program to a close. remember, you can find constant updates on our website. i'm jane and bryant. for all of us, thank you for watching. >> make sense of international news at >> funding of this presentation was made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu, newman's own foundation, and union bank. >> make sense of international news at >> at union bank, our relationship managers work hard to understand the industry you operate in, working to nurture new ventures and help provide capital for key strategic decisions. what can we do for you? >> bbc world news was presented by kcet los angeles. hi, neighbor! we're going to pick vegetables from our school garden. and then miss elaina's coming over for dinner. i'm excited to be with you, and i'll be right back. is made possible in par
scores. >> now, this is all very problematic for the white house. just two days ago, president obama and secretary of state hillary clinton were praising morsi's government for helping broker a cease fire between israel and gaza. today, the u.s. state department expressed concern over the recent developments saying quote, one of the aspirations o f the egyptian revolution was to ensure power would not be overly concentrated in the hands of any one person or institution. he was elected in june with nearly 52% of the vote, but thousands are calling for his removal today as they stormed the headquarters of one of his chief support groups. the crowd then marched on to tahrir square, chanting birth of a new pharaoh. let's get the latest on this situation with ian lee in cairo tonight. what's the situation right now? >> reporter: well, tom, it's 2:00 a.m. now in cairo. and the protests are still going on. we're still seeing clashes in and around tahrir square between the protesters and the police. we're seeing a range of things thrown back and forth. rocks, we've seen molotov cocktails, we
is that the white house under president obama put into place a system whereby if certain number of people have a question for the white house, the white house will answer if it reaches a certain threshold of the members. these are not really petitions that will have the force of carrying forward a secession. and you are quite right that if there were secession in texas, if texas became a separate nation, it would be as though you were going to mexico or canada and they would have the right to set up a border control if they wanted to. and may require a passport. i have a feeling if that happened there would be agreements with texas and the united states where it would be pretty much like the status quo or going into canada, it would be a separate country but there be such cooperation that it probably would be pretty much the same as it is today. there's always the possibility of a constitutional amendment which would then legitimize and provide a procedure for secession. but it takes an awful lot of votes and congressmen and senators to pass a constitutional amendment. as it currently exists,
for three weeks thought obama was going lose, lose the senate and the house was going to be republican and scared the heck out of all of us and that was a period when all of a sudden they said, wait a minute, we could have two more people like alito on the supreme court. >> and i think power is a very important thing and unseating an incumbent is hard, we usually give our presidents a second chance. but his shot or fair shot and fair share was persuasive, but it could have been met with fair shot and fair share, the government the way it's going is holding you back and the reason you consider yourself lower middle class, you can't get ahead because the government is holding you back. >> and that's the rhetoric. >> without a couple of major league flubs over the last two election cycles, the senate very well could be republican and there are a lot of tea party people who did win senate seats. >> absolutely. they've been a commendable force, in terms of motivation, momentum, raising money and get out the vote and they have been very good. and they're doing better in many respects than th
are done. >> president obama is spending a quiet weekend at the white house with family and friends following the thanksgiving holiday. on thursday, he took the opportunity to phone service members in afghanistan off to think them for their service and sacrifice. in his weekly radio in internet address, obama said banks giving offers americans a chance to come together as a nation. >> it also requires us to make a choice and sometimes the choices lead us to think of the things that bring us apart is that what brings us together. >> banks giving is a chance for us to put it all into perspective to remember that despite our differences we are americans first and foremost. >> the republican response stated that the gop is ready to work with the president. they want to help get rid of the looming problems with the fiscal cliff. >> after several days allowed the students are going back to school today first would take a live look outside and it is breezy and outside we will be right back. >> in world news this morning tens of thousands of children are returning to school in the gaza stri
. ♪ >>> christmas is arriving in washington, d.c. that's the white house. the decorations are going up. mrs. obama welcomed the 19-foot fraser. >> it arrived in a horse driven carriage. >> the white house christmas is the most amazing place i've ever been. >> here's gayle king with a look at what's happening on monday. >> good morning. on monday flight delays are so frustrating and can make the holidays even more complicate pad we'll show you which five flights are most likely to be delayed so that you can make other plans. we'll see you on monday at 7:00 on cbs "this morning." >>> and neck week on cbs "this morning saturday" they are the hippest thing to hit classical music, the pi anno guys will be here to perform live. thanks to both of you for being here. >> enjoy the rest of the holiday weekend, everybody. we'll see you. >> take care. >> michael ferraro is back with us. we didn't get to talk about this. cheers. happy thanksgiving weekend. >> thank you very much. . >> what are we drinking. >> it is pomegranate, mint strawberry and vodka. it's one of the owner's mothers, she
are thankful that barack obama was re-elected as president, i have to say, you are probably not thankful that john boehner was re-elected as speaker of the house. and vice versa, if you're psyched about john boehner, you're probably not psyched about president obama. but there is one thing about the re-election of both of these men that i think is maybe worth being thankful for. i am thankful that john boehner forever and president obama may be only recently, these two men have been willing to show emotion in public. to be big, tough, american leaders of the highest order, right? both of them in positions where they really answer to no one but the voters. and they are willing to be seen shedding a tear, without shame. i am thankful for that in our national american leadership. i am thankful that the brilliant bbc series, "house of cards," about the most evil politician ever, a mini series that i've watched a million times and i've been addicted to for years, i am happy, i am thankful, i am thankful that "house of cards" is being remade by kevin spacey and it comes out in february. i'm th
to the white house by horse drawn carriage yesterday. and first lady michelle obama, there she is with her two daughters, maliyah, sasha, and the family dog, bo, all on hand to check it out. mrs. obama called the tree perfect. it is a 19-foot tall frasier fir from a tree firm in north carolina. >>> the san francisco fire department sponsors a toys for tots drive at lefty's, and the bar manager says it's easy to donate. >> there's plenty of parking in union square garages. come by, get a drink and a sandwich, drop off a toy. >> lefty's is hoping that this year's donations will top the 10,000 toys collected just last year. >>> well, it's a kidnapping and rescue that struck the hearts of many people nationwide. and now, elizabeth smart is getting ready to share her story. >> we can impact and it felt like the building, the roof was going cave in on us. >> plus, a major explosion in massachusetts. what happened just moments before a strip club went up in flames. have a good night. here you go. you, too. i'm going to dream about that steak. i'm going to dream about that tiramisu. what a night, huh?
to the white house, arrival of a white house christmas free. the frasier fir arrived this morning and made the trek all the way from north carolina farm. first lady michelle obama and president's two daughters there to check the tree out. they gave it a sniff and thumbs up. >> we invite you to share the holiday food drive. for more information and location nearest you go to abc 7 >> much more is ahead. how black friday could be threatening bay area smaller businesses. >> if there are major tensions in the middle east at this hour. the nation's president moves to give himself new powers.. >> new name for mexico? big change the nation's leader wants to make just a wee >> the tale of two shopping jernts on this black friday. here is a look at packed parking lot at southhand naul hayward. folks packed bigger malls this year, some shops are suffering. abc 7 news is live in burlingame with more on that. david? >> last count america's economy made up of 23 million small businesses such as ones at burlingame. on this black friday, many of them being overshadowed but shoppers at
for us. on november 24th, let's get out and shop small. >>> special delivery for the white house today. the first family's christmas tree arrived today by a horse drawn carriage. the first lady michelle obama, sasha, malia and bo were there to meet the tree. >>> letter carriers are delivering more and more packages about 10% more every year. the postoffice needs new revenue. postal officials told me today starting in three yet unannounced san francisco neighborhoods, people may get online purchases delivered in as little as two hours. >> we're very much into instant gratification, it's nice that the postoffice is doing that. >> reporter: amazon says it does same day delivery in some items. wal-mart just started doing it with their own employees delivering. this first in the nation pilot program just in time for christmas is limited to just 10 still unnamed retailers. this order by phone or internet before 2:00 p.m., you get it between four and 8:00 p.m. cost about $10. >> sometimes we're in rush to get stuff, so that sounds really good. >> reporter: the postoffice expects to make up to
. >>> folks are going to find ways to get things >>> special delivery for the white house today. the first family's christmas tree arrived today by a horse drawn carriage. the first lady michelle obama, sasha, malia and bo were there to meet the tree. >>> letter carriers are delivering more and more packages about 10% more every year. the postoffice needs new revenue. postal officials told me today starting in three yet unannounced san francisco neighborhoods, people may get online purchases delivered in as little as two hours. >> we're very much into instant gratification, it's nice that the postoffice is doing that. >> reporter: amazon says it does same day delivery in some items. wal-mart just started doing it with their own employees delivering. this first in the nation pilot program just in time for christmas is limited to just 10 still unnamed retailers. this order by phone or internet before 2:00 p.m., you get it between four and 8:00 p.m. cost about $10. >> sometimes we're in rush to get stuff, so that sounds really good. >> reporter: the postoffice expects to make up to $50 millio
this really is taxmaggedon. >> you heard it there, maria. house speaker john boehner says that he wants obama care on the table in this fiscal cliff negotiation. the president has said he's willing to thereon any good ideas. i'm not sure if he's going to think this is a good idea. you think he might listen to this one? >> i think he'll listen, but i think at the end of the day, it's going to be what are in the details. i think what we need to remember, what came out of this election, the clear mandate of this election was two things. number one, for our leaders to come together in a bipartisan manner to put everything on the table, to find real solutions. number two, that the majority of americans agreed with president obama's vision of one of the ways to fix the fiscal cliff had to be to put new revees and to raise the tax rates of the wealthiest americans. president obama won eight out of the ten wealthiest counties in this country in this election, randi, which means even the wealthiest understand they have to put some skin in the game. so i think that going into this, i applaud senator ch
. they celebrated thanksgiving a little differently at the white house this year. what they did is president obama went out to a farm, picked out the turkey he wanted and then they sent in s.e.a.l. team six to take it out. hey, did you see john boehner, how they killed their turkey? they pushed him off the fiscal cliff. >> hostess brands may be going under which means the likely end to those iconic snacks most people love, the twinkies and ho-hos. >> so, of course, david letterman had something to say about it. >> when i was a kid, my mom used to give me the twinkies, and i would get them for lunch. she would put them in my lunch pail, and they were so delicious because back then they used actual organic ingredients. and they were so tasty, and i remember every single bite of those delicious twinkies, and then years later i remembered every single minute of my open heart surgery. >> next hour of "cnn saturday morning" starts right now. >> good morning, everyone. i'm randi kaye. >> and i'm victor blackwell. 9:00 on the east coast and 6:00 out west. thanks for starting your morning with us. we start
in the improvisation of a culture. like the strangers on a cruise perpetually bantering. a house guest, what was previously his own country, quite literally pledge allegiance to obama, his most precious possession may encounter irrational challenge from himself or another which is insurmountable. but the prices appearance of a doll fiend can enlighten is resolved calling not upon his exhausted belief but upon his inexhaustible courage. i would suggest the beleaguered leftist three imagines himself as regius but the universally read in public schools, no longer a cultural currency. which of the songs of my use remain? the communion, mass, the deacons , the bible, the declaration of independence, gettysburg address. those various productions of poetry universally read 50 years ago are replaced in the brave new worlds by slogans and a reduction of debatable propositions. celebrate diversity. where once we did that, the practice, the celebration of his polar opposite, the exhortation still appearing. english literature titillate midcentury was largely elusive and is in the common knowledge of th
in front of the white house. the pair of clydesdales hauling a huge holiday tree. the frazier fir is from a farm in north carolina. first lady michelle obama with daughters accepted the tree officially. bo, the first dog, was also on hand. mrs. obama even commented on the wonderful fragrance of the frazier fir. it will be decorated by volunteers who turn out every year. >>> we're continuing to follow the story two killed two women on highway 101. we'll have the latest on the investigation tonight. and that's going to do it for us. thanks for joining us. and we'll be back here at 11:00. have a great night. [captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] >> "extra, extra." >> now on "extra." >> thanksgiving brawl at halle berry's, the first video of hal >> thanksgiving brawl at halle berry's, the first video of hal halle after the
, and obama was meeting with the republicans at blair house. so everything sort of came together for us then. you know, the moment was bart stupak and the public option. it felt like history happening all over again. and it seems to me that it's essential, you know, accepting compromise is essential because it advances us in terms of actually being able to cover more americans and giving us health care. it also shows it's possible to breakthrough barriers that we thought were, you know, i mean the idea that this first-term president, first-term african-american president was going to go to health care which supposedly undone, was an astonishing thing, everybody said it was a big mistake and he did it. and i think the election was a referendum on -- >> you're both health care who watched this unfold. you're an actual doctor, a provider, and someone who drew up the original plan for the public option. and now we have passed it, what is the way that you go back and think about that process? >> well, you know, i guess the -- as politicians will tell you. being a pragmatist, a physician, taking c
in a difficult position because president obama called morsi three times this week during the gaza cease-fire negotiations and secretary of state hillary clinton flew to meet with him. afterwards, administrations officials praised him as a peacekeeper, now the white house has to figure out how to respond with a so called peacekeeper who's stirring up so much protesting. >> mason: chip reid. thanks, chip. the cease-fire in gaza morsi brokerd is holding despite a deadly shooting at the border. israeli troops fired warning shots at 300 palestinians to force them to move away from the fence that separates israel from gaza. israel considers that area off limits. a palestinian man was later shot and killed. his relatives say he was trying to plant a hamas flag when he was shot. today, of course, is black friday, the frenzied start of the holiday shopping season. bargain hunters were out in force across the country looking for deals. others were out for the fun of it. 147 million people are expected to shop this weekend and they're projected to spend $12.2 billion today alone. seth doane is in
, to thank him for a cease-fire between hamas and gaza. >> and morsi's actions now putting the obama administration in a tough position, molly. tell us more about that. >> now that morsi fired top prosecutor and put himself above the judiciary system the white house will back off more public support of him and a former ambassador to the u.n. under president george w. bush says that morsi is taking advantage of his part in this cease-fire. >> whether he had a wink and a nod from president obama or whether he simply felt emboldened in the wake of the gaza cease-fire to believe that the u.s. wouldn't really criticize him or do anything major to stop this power grab, i think we'll have to find out here in the next few days, but the timing is not coincidental, you can bet on that. >> the obama administration says that egypt has a constitutional vacuum and needs to figure out governing issues such as checks and balances and rule of low and democratic dialog, arthel. >> arthel: molly henneberg, thank you very much for the report. >> rick: new details on a fire that broke out at the state de
hamas. and behind the scenes, president obama was credited with sealing the deal, and now they're dealing with the question of what will happen next in egypt. our white house correspondent dan lothian is standing by. first to our foreign affairs correspondent jill dougherty. there's concern about what's happening in egypt right now, jill. >> reporter: there is. they're watching it, joe, very carefully. the state department wants to have more details, because after all, remember, just this week, he was being referred -- mr. morsi was being referred to as a statesman and there was a lot of responsibility put on his shoulders. he was praised a lot by president obama for coming through and helping to clinch this deal. now if there is some question, if he could be taking some power that would concern the united states, they want to know more. >>> and also don't forget that while secretary clinton was in cairo, just this past week, she was meeting with mr. morsi and in those discussions, she talked about the constitution that they are writing, and about the concern that they want man
house. this year's official tree arrived on friday atop a horsedrawn carriage with "o christmas tree" playing in the background. first lady michelle obama along with daughters sasha and malia welcomed the 19 foot frasier fir from north carolina. the tree will stand in the blue room of the white house. >>> a group of friends in northern utah have a talent for creating videos that really draw big audiences on the internet. take a peek at this. they shot a movie of them jumping and flipping, doing cartwheels from the roof of a house into this giant 17-foot-high pile of leaves. the video has already gained about 1.5 million clicks thus far. they just posted it on their youtube channel on sunday night. pretty amazing. >>> that's going to do it for the news now. now back to carl, erica and dylan. apparently they collected about a thousand bags of leaves to create that. >> wow. >> wow. >> and it's safe. >> it is? okay. >> i want to try it. >> i used to do that all the time. not to that extent. just this little grill we had in the back that my dad had built and we would jump off into probabl
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